About Us

We are a small, friendly independent bike shop, in Orton Waterville in Peterborough that has been serving the cyclists of Peterborough since 1973.
Whatever type of cyclist you are, we have a bike for you. From the little ones' first bike up to electrically assisted bikes - we have something for everyone. Find your perfect bike at Bristows!

We're happy to talk over the phone, email or other social media, but prefer to talk to you face to face, so we can check your sizing (no two bikes measure the same!) and make sure the bike you are looking for does what you need it to do and fits you as it should.

All our bikes are fully assembled and given a full pre-delivery inspection prior to leaving the shop and we include a free post ride inspection after 6-8 weeks (booking required).
We keep a good range of bikes and accessories in stock, but have access to so much more for next day delivery.

Our workshop is always in demand so as a consequence we are usually booked up well in advance so we highly recommend you ring to check availability before turning up with your bike.

Celebrating 50 Years of Bristows Cycles

Since Bristows Cycles was opened in 1973, the world of cycling has changed substantially.

In the early 1980's we saw a new craze from America - BMX. This changed the way that kids saw bicycles, and got a whole new generation interested in the sport. Suddenly, bikes were a thing to have fun on and do tricks with. We're even seeing a bit of a revival in this sport today.

On to the 1990's and the 'Mountain Bike' was born, helping both grown-ups and kids alike to fall in love with a different way to cycle and have fun off-road like never before.
In the same decade, road racing bikes went from 10 speed to 12, to 13! We even saw bike companies start to use space technology from NASA to build frames out of carbon fibre.

Since then, the bike industry has proven that technology is not just for the world of computers, as we've seen bikes with features such as wireless gear shifting and E-bikes changing the way we ride.
So what's next? We'll see the cargo E-bike rising in popularity as these are popping up everywhere - from the school run, to local deliveries and much more.

If only the infrastructure for cycling in the UK had evolved as quickly as the bikes themselves, we could have been leading the way for cycling in the same way that the Netherlands do - let's hope we see more of that in 2023 and beyond.

Thank you to all our customers for supporting Bristows over the past 50 years - it's been a wild ride!

We teamed up with Locally.com recently which is an on-line platform so you can search on there for our shop and see what Trek bikes and product we have in-store.



Opening Hours

For winter November - February we are opening 10.00am to 4.00pm on Saturdays so that starts Saturday 4 November and ends Saturday 27 January 2024.


Wishing all our customers a very happy Christmas and a happy New Year. If you are stuck for ideas for the cyclist in your life, here are 12 gift ideas to inspire you:

  • Vintage repair kit - handy for those annoying punctures - £4.99 Vintage repair kit

  • Deluxe accessory kit - update old kit or treat someone who has a new bike with kit they will need - £49.99 Deluxe accessory kit

  • Disco style bell- a stylish bell with a lovely loud ring tone - £12.99 Disco style bell

  • Re-Hook tyre glider - £12.99 - a must for tubeless tyres and rims Re-Hook tyre glider

  • Cleaning brush - to help you keep your ride looking good - £4.99 Cleaning brush

  • Front light - with 1300 lumens, to light up the roads - £59.99 Front light with 1300 lumens

  • Jazzy socks - to brighten up a ride - £14.99 (2 pack) Jazzy socks

  • Windprood thermal glove! - to keep your hands nice and warm - £29.99 Windproof thermal glove

  • Clear glasses - that will help keep the bugs and the weather out of your eyes - £17.99 Clear glasses

  • Thermal overshoes- to keep your feet warm and dry on those cold winter days - £18.99 Thermal overshoes

  • Helmet! - to help protect the most important part of you - your head - from £29.99 Helmet

  • A new bike! - there is nothing like the feeling of getting a new bike for Christmas - Trek Marlin 4 £500 A new bike

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